wilhelmsen.no webservices Terms of Service ( TOS )

wilhelmsen.no webservices provide webspace, e-mail, chat and other services as per each individual customer's contract.

wilhelmsen.no prohibits the distribution of unsolicited commercial e-mail, unlicensed software or other copyrighted material.

wilhelmsen.no prohibits the distribution of any music or video file through it's networks unless explicitly allowed.

wilhelmsen.no prohibits any and all attempts to misuse or abuse it services and resources.

wilhelmsen.no prohibits all attempts to hack or attempts to gain unauthorized access to, our networks and/or any resource located on our networks.

Dissallowed activities include ;

ping sweeps,
traceroutes (except when used for troubleshooting ),
unnescessary pings,
unnescessary DNS zone transfers,
DNS BIND version requests,
any attempt at sending any modified TCP/IP packet which is designed to misuse/use any resource located on our networks (except those uses which are explicitly allowed, such as viewing webpages, sending and receiving e-mail from authorized accounts etc.),
any attempt to gain access to resources through directory browsing,
any attempt to log on to accounts without explicit authorization,
any attempt to use any services to relay e-mail,
any attempt to illegally deface, modify or destroy webpages,
any attempt to telnet into any service,
any attempt to exploit weaknesses in operating systems or network protocols,
any attempt to gain unauthorized access to any resource,
any attempt at a Denial of Service attack (DOS) ( any unauthorized communication with resources on our network which can cause degradation of service is deemed a DOS attack ),
any other activity which degrades service or may cause harm.

Any breach of contract, misuse of services, any attempts to commit disallowed activites as per the above list may result in the filing of criminal charges, and/or termination of service, and/or claims for compensation.

wilhelmsen.no webservices provides services as specified in the customer contract and cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss due to the use of these services beyond the customer contract.

All material, code and text located on our network hosts is copyright and may not be copied, or otherwise used without the author's/creator's explicit consent. Damages will be sought if copyright is infringed.

If you have a complaint or wish to contact us please send an e-mail to admin@wilhelmsen.no

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